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Ruzana Tsymbalova was born in Russia into an artistic family; her father is a professional violin player and her mother a dancer and singer (website: www.melody-romen.ru). Ruzana grew up on the stage with her family, from the age of two she featured in her parents performances as a dancer.

At the age of six she learnt to play the violin. She finished her classical training in Russia in 1994 cum laude. She performed with symphony and gipsy orchestras and worked for "Mosconcert", one of Russia's biggest concert organisations, touring in Russia and abroad; Finland (1996) and Norway (2001).

In 2003 she travelled to Holland to learn and exchange, specialising in tango music. She finished her bachelor studies at the conservatory in Rotterdam in 2007 with a 9,5 . Since 2003 Ruzana has toured through Europe as a member of one of Europe's best tango orchestras - OTRA. She has performed at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. She was asked to participate in numerous television performances in Holland. She also had the honour to meet and perform for her majesty the queen of the Netherlands for the opening of the WMDC.

Currently Ruzana is finishing her masters degree in arranging and composition with “Quinteto Arrastre”. At the moment she is playing with "Quinteto Zárate", with whom she toured in Belgium for the show "Motivo de Tango". She believes that sharing music brings people together; she feels it is her calling to use the international language of music to connect people all over the world.

Ruzana Tsymbalova
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