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Trio Tsymbalova

The Trio consist of three stringed instrument : guitar, violin and contrabass, which makes a magnificent result of fullness sound.

This trio plays in an unusallly occupation and plays tango, gipsy music and even classical. The members arrange all the music by themselves and they do improvise. It's obvious that this trio
has the pleasure to play and the capacity to catch the interest of the audience and to keep this.

Elliot Muusses en Ruzana Tsymbalova met each other in 2004 in Rotterdam. Since that time they play together with a lot of joy. Bassiste Suze started to join them since 2007. She knows how to fill Ruzana and Elliot perfectly up, because she has a classical and jazzy background.

Elliot Muusses has studied one year in Rotterdam at the tango department. At this moment he is studying jazzguitare at the conservatorium of Amsterdam at Maarten van der Grinten and Martijn van Iterson. He is playing in different groups of jazz and tango, under which Guitarras Tango, the group of guitarist Kay Sleking, and a duo with the Argentinian master guitarist Hernan Ruiz. He also cultivate his skills as composer and orchestrator with his own Jazz-Trio.

Suze Stiphout studied classical contrabass in The Hague at Peter Luit. Affter her study she has deepen into jazz latin and tango. She plays in various formations such as in Tango ensemble Rosa Rio, in the Trio Bustan (oriëntal jazz) and in Trio Tsymbalova.

Ruzana Tsymbalova
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